to Practical Self-Defense & Anti-Bullying.

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Build Mind and Body
Respect One Another
Obtain Total Awareness
Develop Might for Right


Our Programs


American Jiu Jitsu: Adults/Young Adults/Children

American Jiu Jitsu (AJJ) is a unique, scenario-based self-defense art that teaches students to respond to realistic situations with minimal effort using principles of physics, balance, and knowledge of human anatomy. AJJ draws from traditional martial arts such as Judo, Aikido, Daito-ryu, and Aiki jiu jitsu to teach students effective timing, and use of footwork and body positioning for prompt neutralization of an attack while avoiding use of strength against strength.


Acrobatics & Tumbling: Children

Personalized instruction to help your child learn flips and tumbling in a safe and fun environment.


Tai Chi: Adults

Tai Chi Chuan, combines fluid and balanced movements with controlled and relaxed breathing and postures. The art has been described as "moving meditation."  It is low impact, and yet it can be as robust as one wants it to be. 
Don’t be fooled, Tai Chi Chuan is a Martial Art and quite an effective one if trained properly. The solo forms can be seen as an effort of the masters throughout the history of Tai Chi to record, codify, and pass down specific combat techniques and strategy. Thus, the principles of relaxation, correct and well-coordinated posture, breathing, and sensitivity were all a part of the fighting strategy of Tai Chi Chuan.


CIRCUIT Training with DARA

Functional circuit training classes are a combination of stretching, circuit training, TRX, and core strengthening…with an emphasis on proper technique and movement. ALL fitness levels and intensities are encouraged and welcomed.
Starts Oct 2nd! Register today!!


Yoga with Stephanie - Making Space for Grace

Grounded in authenticity, humor, and over 20 years experience and love of the physical and spiritual practice of yoga, Stephanie’s teaching style is based in the ISTHA tradition with dynamic flow, held poses, and a focus on proper alignment. Modifications for all levels & every BODY are welcome.

Next session dates will be announced soon…stay tuned!

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Amigos! Spanish Immersion

Spanish immersion classes for children K - 8th grade. Multiple levels of classes offered.

American Jiu Jitsu of Maplewood is a family run business that does an incredible job building skills and confidence in its students. Tony and the rest of the staff have a great rapport with the kids, and they do an excellent job promoting anti-bullying & self defense techniques.
— E. Meade


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