Self Defense for Women

Women’s Intro to Jiu Jitsu
6-Week Course

This 6-week course is strongly focused on the self-defense needs of a woman.  You will learn when and how to control an aggressor. We will discuss best practices to avoid the need for violence, but also how to take control back from those worst-case-scenarios.  We have a set curriculum that we’ll be covering, but we’ll also answer all your individual scenario-based self-defense questions.

As an added benefit, as you learn the fundamentals of self-defense you’ll also be learning the foundations of the American Jiu Jitsu system.  Upon completion of the course, you will have earned a rank in the American Jiu Jitsu system which will benefit you if you decide to continue your training beyond this foundation.

The price of this course is $119.  There are no sign-up fees and no additional costs.  Formal Jiu Jitsu uniforms will not be required. Participants should wear pants or leggings (avoid bare knees) and comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely.

Unlike other martial arts studios, American Jiu Jitsu does not encourage a competitive environment. The techniques we teach are meant for actual self defense scenarios and should only be used as self-defense.



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Awesome place to learn and train for adults. Great system, knowledgeable teachers, great group of students.
— C. Shamburg