Sip & Flip: Women's Self Defense


Free Seminar

Sunday Sept 15
Wine and Cheese to Follow!

Sip & Flip is a free one-day seminar to teach self-defense techniques and empower women to control dangerous situations. We’ll bring the wine, cheese, and other beverages.
Violence in our neighborhoods and homes is an ever-present concern, especially for women. We don’t need to offer up statistics or mention recent news stories to tell you that. We all know it, all too well.
We want to empower you with techniques that can effectively be used against those who are bigger and stronger, to take a situation and put it back in your control. Just a little bit of knowledge can make an amazing impact on these situations.
Don’t let a any situation make you a victim. Come, join us. Do it for the wine. While you’re there, learn a few effective self-defense techniques that could put an attacker where they belong, face-first on the ground.

This is a free event, but space is limited. Reserve your spot now.
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Tony Avila