American Jiu Jitsu for Young Adults

The Young Adult Program at American Jiu Jitsu provides students with tools to face adverse daily scenarios. While students are learning practical self-defense techniques, they are also building confidence in themselves and their ability to be themselves.
Age-specific scenarios give our Young Adults the ability to handle themselves effectively and appropriately. From helping our young women on their way through high school and college to helping all navigate through a time in their life that can be quite difficult, American Jiu Jitsu offers our students a safe and fun environment surrounded by peers who are also working to improve themselves.

In the Young Adult Program, students will learn a wide range of throws and takedowns, escapes from common grabs, and effective ground defense to increase their confidence in their protective abilities.



See the Spring 2018 class schedule below...

Young Adults

6th Grade - 10th Grade

7:15 - 8pm

7:15 - 8pm

10am - 11am

I can’t say enough positive things about American Jiu Jitsu. My daughter has been enrolled in classes for almost two years and the change in her has been incredible. The focus at AJJ isn’t learning to kick boards in half or to assert aggressive behavior, but to instill confidence in everyday life and respond to realistic situations. I can say without hesitation that enrolling my daughter with AJJ has yielded results that are both noticeable and long term.
Thank you AJJ!!
— C. Goldstein